Rhythm and young children

Rhythm and young children.
Egg Shakers and Rhythm Sticks are the perfect percussion instruments for the classroom. From pre-school to kindergarten to jr. high, everyone enjoys shaking or clicking a percussion toy!
Gather your children in a circle and pass out egg shakers to half of the class and rhythm sticks to the other half of the class. Use simple 4/4 rhythms. Have one half shake the egg shakers on each quarter note and the other half hit the rhythm sticks on just the first two quarter notes. Play with variations and then move to eight notes for the shakers and quarter notes for the sticks. You’ll quickly come up with different combinations that sound good.
Dynamics! Have your shakers shake very softly and your stickers bang loudly. Switch it around. Then have everyone soft and everyone loud. Have one side stop while the other side plays and direct each side in and out of the rhythm.
There are so many fun combinations of simple rhythms that can be exciting and a great introduction to teaching children how to play together.
You don’t need to be a musician to have fun with rhythm and music!



About Musicforkids

I'm a musician, dad and music lover. I sell musical instruments and my specialty is musical instruments for kids. Drums are my passion.
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