Ears Education Music Assembly

Watch in FULL SCREEN MODE and it sometimes takes awhile to load. Let it load then watch:)
Music for Kids is now a non-profit organization. That means that we can donate all, yes, ALL of our profits to schools for music programs. We are splitting our profits up. 50% goes to school music programs such as school bands, etc. 50% goes to educational music seminars such as the following:

EARS EDUCATION (K) from Joe Cronin on Vimeo.

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About Musicforkids

I'm a musician, dad and music lover. I sell musical instruments and my specialty is musical instruments for kids. Drums are my passion.
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2 Responses to Ears Education Music Assembly

  1. Congrats on this new, as of last year, status! Looks like your doing lots of great work. Remind me to send you links to a few Australian organizations you may want to share ideas/info with like “The Song Room” and the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

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